Radio ad effectiveness increases during the pandemic

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In a recent study, 168 radio advertisements related to COVID-19 were measured by the Advertising Reference Index (ABX) since March 4, and the effectiveness of advertising was found to be notoriously high.

Radio announcements including thanks to first aid personnel, helpful advice to listeners regarding virus protection, and serious information about the pandemic were the most outstanding. The study shows how Radio is performing right now, including a review of five of COVID-19's top ten advertisements, showing how effective Radio can be in a time of crisis.

Outstanding results for radio spots related to COVID-19
In a recent publication from the Advertising Reference Index (ABX), “The effectiveness of COVID advertising can be increased by 175% with the right approach,” as consumers are not reacting negatively to advertising during the COVID-19 epidemic. Rather, they appear to have welcomed it and responded positively to advertising in general, compared to how they reacted before the pandemic began.
In a similar ABX survey in 14 countries, average advertising creative scores are shown to have improved since the beginning of March by 13% in USA and 11% in Europe, as well as in Latin America and Australia.
Sposts with content related to COVID-19 performed better than those without content on the pandemic, by 175%.
This shows that advertisers can become authority figures in times of crisis, if they do it right.
At the forefront of this good news is radio advertising!

About 65% of the radio ads tested by ABX have been successful generating COVID-19 related messages. This message has generated some of the highest ABX Radio advertising effectiveness scores ever recorded.
Radio announcements with thanks to first aid personnel, helpful tips on virus protection, and serial messages were the best performers.
When considering the ABX radio standards, it is important to say that most radio announcements with specific COVID-19 messages were above the standards and long-term averages.

As you review these points with us, please note that an "average" ABX Index score across all media is 100.

Unfortunately, not all radio production takes advantage of the medium that the Radio ABX standard proposes. So when there are radio creations with scores near 130 or 140 points, you know they are exceptionally creative or had the right message delivered in the right way for its audience at the time.
Through the COVID-19 crisis, a new way is revealed in which Radio, as a means of communication, is powerful.

The study concludes that when done right, radio ads can improve the effectiveness of any ad campaign.

Source: CIRT

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