IAB Manifesto for broadcasting in times of pandemic

Area: General News | 06/29/2020 |


Broadcasting has been fulfilling a transcendental role during these times of global emergency, providing the population, freely and chargeless, with verified and timely information on this disease, as well as the most varied content for social and health aid, along with the entertainment and necessary recreation.

The high levels of audience recorded during the pandemic have shown once again that citizens prefer formally established media, such as Radio and Television, to access proven and reliable information that helps them make decisions in the face of the challenges they face on day-to-day.

Radio and Television have been making an unprecedented effort to best serve their communities, spreading the messages from the authorities, conducting their own solidarity and awareness campaigns, opening their spaces for debate so that technicians and experts can pass on their knowledge, becoming true retaining walls against disinformation and fake news.

All this great human and material effort from broadcasting is carried out at a time of severe retraction in its income, as a result of the notorious drop in advertising investment, its main economic support, putting the viability of broadcasters all over the world at serious risk.

Faced with this unforeseeable situation of force majeure that has a direct impact on its activity, it is vitally important that Governments and International Organizations act through the adoption of urgent measures, aimed at ensuring the operation and preserving the independence of the formally established media.

Under these circumstances, specific actions are required to support radio and television, such as easing their regulatory burden, expanding official budgets for communication investments, implementing special lines of credit and postponing fee payments and sectoral taxes, among other mechanisms that have already been implemented in various countries and regions.

In the same way, the support of the different actors of the private sector linked to broadcasting, coming from the banking systems, for the granting of flexible credits, from Advertisers and Agencies, to promote investment in the sector and from Companies of Collective Management of Rights, for the revision of the rates and the financing of their payments, constitute indispensable measures to safeguard the existence, operation and continuity of the media.

The private Broadcasting of the three Americas is an example of activity for the benefit of Freedom of Expression and Democracy, closely linked to all sectors of their peoples, serving them in a thousand different ways in the most difficult times and in tireless effort for already 100 years.

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