Brazil - The role of media in the inland regions in fighting the COVID19

Area: All | 07/21/2020 |


The Secretary-General of Minas Gerais, Mateus Simões, highlighted how radio and TV, especially inland media, have been fundamental in the task of preventing COVID-19 by bringing information to the population. He was the guest of AMIRT Live, an online meeting held by the Minas Gerais Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters, on Thursday (9).

With the coronavirus peak scheduled for July 15 in the state, Simões stressed that the work of the regional media should be further intensified in the coming weeks.

“Thanks to the work of broadcasters in reinforcing measures of hygiene and social distance, we have obtained positive results in slowing down contagion speed so far, especially when compared to other states. For this reason, we need to continue with this joint effort between the government and the press,”said Simões.

According to the secretary, 72% of the population lives in the inland regions. “The government's purchase of media takes into account the number of listeners. It is the legal criterion that we use to provide the Court of Auditors. This ends up prioritizing radios and TVs that are in the metropolitan area, as the distribution format has a greater reach in the region. But we are available to find new criteria, together with state associations. Our main objective will always be to keep the population of Minas Gerais informed with quality, in general, and not only to focus on communication actions directed to the capital or immediate surroundings ”, he highlighted.

Source: ABERT

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