Latin America - TV consumption grew by an average 30 percent

Area: All | 07/21/2020 |


According to Kantar IBOPE Media, 97% of people in the region consumed content through TV, but consumption also grew through other devices: 74% on online platforms and 83% through websites or apps.

Kantar IBOPE Media held a webinar for Latin America dedicated to its Dimension Media & Me study that reveals how the increase in media consumption presents opportunities and challenges for the industry in a more personalized world.

According to Ariel Hajmi, CEO of Kantar IBOPE Media Argentina and Uruguay, one of the data revealed by the study is that TV consumption grew by an average of 30% in all the countries of the region, and particularly in markets such as Argentina it grew by 34 % and in Peru 57%.

In addition, he reported "Linear TV was the one that grew the most, but in countries where we do cross media measurements there was a growth in VOD, streaming and online videos and in some markets it doubled."

The strongest data is about the leadership of TV, since 97% of people consumed content through TV, but at the same time consumption is growing through devices connected to the Internet such as Smart TV or Mobile. In this line, almost 74% watch TV content through online platforms (live, catch up, VoD, among others) and 83% consume online videos through the web or web apps.

“Another interesting fact is that 44% of people are subscribed to two streaming services (which can be paid or free), 18% are subscribed to three and 7% to four. The youngest are the most likely to subscribe to a paid system, while 15% do not subscribe to any platform with older adults in the lead, "said Hajmi.

Source: Plataformas News

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