Interview with IAB President, Eng. José Luis Saca

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On the occasion of the next International Congress of Journalism, Radio and Television, our colleagues from Perú TV y Radios contacted our President, Eng. José Luis Saca, to get his opinion on the current situation of broadcasting. 

We transcribe your interview below:

From your personal and professional experience; how do you see the situation of broadcasting in Latin America nowadays and where is it going in the future?

The situation of broadcasting in Latin America is very diverse. In the field of freedom of expression, which is an essential condition for the progress of radio and television, there are countries where the institutional framework is robust and is exercised quite well, and countries such as Venezuela, where there is no freedom of expression. In April last year, I chaired an IAB delegation that was received by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States - OAS, Dr. Luis Almagro, to raise our concern about the harassment situation the Venezuelan media are undergoing. We were also received at a Hearing by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights - IACHR, where we had the opportunity to exchange opinions with the commissioners.

Looking to the future, we certainly see broadcast using the technology in its favor. We see a free and over-the-air broadcasting, keeping its place as a formal medium, that is, where there is someone responsible for the content, which is preferred by the audiences.

What is the importance of radio in society?

Radio is very important in society. It is undoubtedly the medium with the highest penetration worldwide, with rates above 95%. And because of this preference and versatility even in times of crisis, disaster and emergencies, people turn to radio for guidance. Radio connects with the audience and therefore is a magnificent vehicle for strengthening democratic structures.

What do you think about the fact that music programs which appear on the internet will end up displacing the radio?

There is no doubt we live in an era where the content commands. We broadcasters are the producers of content par excellence and we also exercise with responsibility, that is, you know who has produced such contents. These must be protected like any other intellectual property rights, especially because they are created for the audiences who receive them in for free and over-the-air. IAB actively participates in meetings at the level of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), supporting the adoption of a new Treaty to effectively protect the right of broadcasters to use their signals.

In that same spirit, we are taking advantage of the technology, the internet, so that, regardless of the medium of distribution, our contents that have great preference, reach all the audiences. Now the radio is also heard free and no-charge on cell phones, increasing the number of free and no-charge receivers. It is an issue on which IAB and other broadcasters organizations have made great progress at the International Telecommunication Union - ITU.

Finally, I wish you a successful congress in which free-to-air radio and television are strengthened, contributing, as it has done in Peru, to the distribution of ideas and opinions, to freedom of expression and to achieve more solid democracies.

Source: Perú TV y Radios

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