Forum on Advertising Self Regulation and Fake News

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Last Thursday, July 18, the first Forum on Advertising Self-Regulation and Fake News was held in Panama City, organized by the International Association of Broadcasting - IAB and the Panamanian Broadcasting Association - APR.

The event was attended by more than 70 executives from media organizations, advertising agencies and advertiser chambers, from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Uruguay.

This important meeting was opened by the Secretary of the Ministry of Government, Lic. Joaquín Vázquez, and was attended by outstanding world -renowned speakers, such as Eng. José Luis Saca, IAB President, Lic. Ignacio Astete, Executive Director of CONAR of Chile, Dr. María Jimena Cobreros, Legal Director of Procter & Gamble for Latin America, Karla Avila, of CONAR Mexico, Dr. Juliana Albuquerque, of CONAR Brazil, Mr. Luis Chávez, of the Advertising Self-Regulation Council of El Salvador and Mr. Alessio Gronchi, Vice President of APR.

Head table: Lic. Joaquín Vázquez, Secretary General of the Ministry of Goverment of Panama; Lic. Pedro Solís, President of APR, Ing. José Luis Saca, President of IAB, Dr. Juan Andrés Lerena, Director General of AIR

The Forum addressed issues of major interest to the advertising industry, such as the exercise of freedom of commercial expression, the experience on advertising self-regulation in different countries, the serious problem of fake news and the damage it is causing to societies, the regulatory pretensions that undermine the right to advertising information, among other relevant matters.

Ing. José Luis Saca, Presidente de AIR durante la ponencia "La mirada de los medios de comunicación sobre la autorregulación" Mesa Redonda de Autorregulación:
Lic. Jaime Ahumada, Vicepresidente de CONAR Chile, Juliana Albuquerque, representante de CONAR Brasil, Lic. Ana María Urrutia de Lara, Directora Ejecutiva de ASDER y Karla Ávila, Directora Ejecutiva de CONAR México.

The meeting ended with a series of recommendations of good practices in the field of advertising self-regulation, as well as proposals to identify and fight fake news, to be implemented by the various actors in the different countries of the region.

At the same time, and within the framework of the preparations for IAB’s 75th Anniversary, a Forum for Reflection on the challenges facing the private broadcasting industry in this new era of permanent technological changes took place on July 17.

One of the most important conclusions on the part of the participants is that Radio and Television must take advantage of their great strengths, such as their trajectory, their credibility before their audiences, their brand and their experience, to be inserted successfully in the digital scenario.

A consensus was also reached among attendees that the governments of the region must put an end to the regulatory discriminations that apply to the detriment of radio and television as opposed to global technological platforms that operate on the Internet. It is essential to implement a relaxation on the obligations, restrictions and taxes that weigh on radio and television, in order to achieve equal competition.

Participants of the Forum of Reflection:
Victoria Vázquez Colocho, José Fernando Villanueva, Francisco Xavier Sierra, Luis Fernando Lemus, Dr. Rubén Acosta Montoya, Dr. Tulio Ángel Arveláez, Dr. Edmundo Rébora, Ing. José Luis Saca, Gustavo Piedra Guzmán, Lic. Ana María Urrutia de Lara, Andrés Quintana, Dra. Carolina Mejia, Lic. Pedro Solís, Dr. Juan Andrés Lerena

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