IAB Board of Directors met and adopted important resolutions

Last Thursday, November 18, IAB Board of Directors met in virtual format, with the participation of broadcasters, media executives and special guests from different countries of the Three Americas.

The Board of Directors, chaired by Lic. Eugenio Sosa Mendoza, analyzed an extensive agenda of matters, such as the situation of Freedom of Expression in the region, the evolution of the pandemic and its impact on private broadcasting, new technologies, Copyright, as well as a variety of topics on the challenges faced by the radio and television sector.


Resolutions approved by the Board of Directors

IAB Board of Directors approved resolutions condemning censorship and violations of Freedom of Expression in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba (Doc. 20/2021, Doc. 21/2021 and Doc.22/2021 respectively) as well as that condemning violence against media and journalists (Doc.23/2021). The Council also issued an important resolution on global digital platforms in the media ecosystem (Doc.24/2021).

Participation of Dr. Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS.

As special guest, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Dr. Luis Almagro, gave his vision on the situation of Freedom of Expression, Democracy and the media in the region.

Dr. Almagro referred to the importance of organizations with so many years of experience, such as the OAS and IAB, working together in the defense of the great principles they share, such as freedom, freedom of expression, democracy and human rights.


"The media act as an early warning of the institutional deteriorations that are appearing in a country. When democracy begins to erode and attempts are made to weaken institutions, the work of investigation and denunciation carried out by the media is fundamental for the validity of democratic actors."

The OAS Secretary General also explained that the media are a fundamental part of public discourse and their task includes questioning the narrative that a government seeks to impose.

In relation to the situation in Nicaragua, he stated that he thinks that the OAS should be a "community of democracies, but that the Nicaraguan people cannot be left alone", insisting on the need for the International Community and its institutions to be implemented so that Democracy and Human Rights are reestablished in that country.

IAB 48 General Assembly

IAB 48th General Assembly will be held on May 23-26, 2022 in Washington, D.C., organized by our Institutional Member in that country, the National Association of Broadcasters-NAB.

IAB President reminded and invited all directors and members to join and actively participate in the celebration of IAB 75th Anniversary during the Assembly.